Kangaroo Island està situada a 80km d’Adelaida. S’arriba mitjançant una avioneta i reculls les malestes al mig de la pista d’aterrizatge a la teva arribada a Kingcote. Aquesta illa és especial per poder veure koales, foques, canguros… en llibertat. Si visites Austràlia no pots perdre-t’ho!


Kangaroo Island está situada a 80Km de Adelaida. Se vuela con una mini avioneta y recoges las maletas en medio de la pista de aterrizaje a tu llegada a Kingscote. Esta isla es especial para poder ver koalas, focas, canguros… en libertad. Si visitas Australia no puedes perderte su visita!


Kangaroo Island is located 80km from Adelaide. You can fly with a mini plane and collect the bags in the middle of the runway on your arrival in Kingscote. This island is special so that you can see koalas, seals, kangaroos… in freedom. If you are visiting Australia you can not miss his visit!


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  1. Because of its isolation from mainland Australia, foxes and rabbits are absent from and prohibited from entering the island. Registration and microchipping of cats is mandatory.

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